Posted on January 6, 2018
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Baturaden is one of 27 districts that made up Banyumas regency. Baturaden is also a magnet for the tourists who visit Banyumas regency. Located 14 km north of Purwokerto, on the foot of Mount Slamet, Baturaden offers fresh-cool air, nature wonders and adventures that can refresh your mind and spirit.
Baturaden is a small town. Travelling around should be not too expensive. You may walk around town in 5 minutes. Plus, you’ll also get the freshness of Mount Slamet foot’s cool air.

Based on the local folklore, the name Baturaden derives from two Javanese words: Batur, which means friend, assistant, or maid, and Raden, which means noble. The story tells that there was a princess that fell in love with her maid. The pair had a secret love affair, but princess’s father found out, and kicked both of them out of the palace. Finally, they found a beautiful place and decided to live there. They named the place Baturaden.

With its natural beauty and wonderful views, Baturaden stands as one of the region’s most prominent tourist destinations.


The Weather

It occupies a fine site on the slope of Mount Slamet, at an elevation of 650 m above sea level. It has remarkable weather with a cool mountain breeze. The temperature ranges from 18 degree C to 25 degree C. The resort area is surrounded by nice gardens, hot springs, ponds and bungalow-style hotels. Other features include 200 ha of pine forest, a nearby market and marvelous views. Some European groups are known to spend a day trekking through its Splendid Natural Forest and Villages. Always green, the area is blessed with an abundance of natural water resources spouting out in numerous waterfalls and rivers, which flow between the huge boulders of hardened lava. The huge boulders also points out to Ravines and river bank and form some kind of path, apparently having rolled down from Mount Slamet during a eruption many centuries ago.


Baturaden is renowned for local tourism; with attraction of hot spring, trekking and camping. The main attraction for tourist is the Loka Wisata Baturaden, a recreational Park with a swimming pool, water slide, lake; children’s play ground with an Old Dutch Merry-go-round, Hot water mineral spring and Botanical Gardens. We can come to spend the whole day, picnicking on the grassy lawn or along the river or bathing in the mineral waters, which contain sulfur. There are two natural hot spring in Baturaden, namely Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu. The park connects with “Pancuran Tujuh” (Seven Fountains) of warm sulfuric spring water about 2,5 Km’s away. The camping ground is called Wana Wisata. There are 76 hotels ranging from the star grade to the modest one for overnight stay. We can go perum berkoh there are one elite house in this city.

What to see ?

  • Pancuran Pitu, Kompleks Wanawisata Baturaden (4 km from the Baturaden town center). The must-visited highlight and the most famous tourist attraction in town. Featuring beautiful hot springs. Try the sulfur massage, Rp 7500 for 15 minutes.
  • Pancuran Telu, Kompleks Lokawisata Baturaden (right in the Baturaden town center, adjacent to Lokawisata Baturaden). Possibly to be the second highlight in town. Worth a few cool photos.
  • Telaga Sunyi, Kompleks Lokawisata Baturaden (a few kilometers from the Baturaden town center). Another highlight of Baturaden. A cold springs with clear water. Prohibited for swimming in terms of safety.

Shoulder Season

If you want to visit in the summer but do not want to contend with the masses and the higher prices, try to come on the front end or the tail end of summer. The shoulder season happens in the very early days of summer, actually late spring, before all the kids are out of school. It happens again at the end of the summer as schools are resuming classes. Family vacations slow down, making it less crowded, and airlines and hotels are always offering lower-priced deals to entice visitors as the momentum of tourist season slows.


  • Lokawisata Baturaden, Jalan Raya Baturaden km. 14 (Right in the town center). The most famous destination in town. Contains a lot of rides, open-air theater, zoo, waterfalls, and adjacent to Pancuran Telu. Also gives breathtaking beautiful scenery.
  • Baturraden Adventure Forest (BAF), Baturraden (1 km from Queen Garden Hotel). An eco-tourism destination in the region, contains outbond, adventurous rides, and botanical garden.
  • Perhutani Camping Ground, Jalan Pariwisata Baturaden (1 km from the town center). A wide camping ground owned by Perhutani. Beautiful views with green forests in its surroundings and the fresh cool-air of Baturaden can restart your spirit and energy.
  • Wana Wisata Baturaden, Jalan Pariwisata Baturaden (2 km east from the Lokawisata Baturaden’s gate). A great conservation place for plenty of rare plants and animals kinds.
  • Sekolah Alam Baturraden, Jalan Pariwisata Baturaden (2 km east from the Lokawisata Baturaden’s gate). A great place for fun and education.
  • Moro Seneng Hotel, Jalan Raya Baturaden km. 13 (Located a few meters to the town center), ☎ (0281) 681789, HP : 0888 156 6789 ( checkin: 13.00 wib; checkout: 12.00 wib. The best and most complete 1 star hotel in town. Also contains restaurant and karaoke box.
  • Ardi Kencana Hotel, Jalan Pariwisata Baturaden (Located not too far from Lokawisata Baturaden), ☎ (0281) 681991 (, fax: (0281) 681081). Simple but quiet, clean, and comfortable.
  • New Aprilia Hotel, Jalan Pariwisata Baturaden (Located not too far from the town center, close to the Perhutani Camping Grounds), ☎ (0281) 681203. A three-story budget hotel, next to a small river.
  • Green Valley Hotel and Resort, Jalan Raya Baturaden km. 8 (Located on the road between Purwokerto and Baturaden, next to Cinta Alam Restaurant), ☎ (0281) 681123 (, fax: (0281) 681590). A newly-built resort hotel in Baturaden. Modern and chic design, also comfortable. Adjacent to the Cinta Alam Restaurant.
  • Hotel Rosenda Cottages, Jl. Raya Baturaden, ☎ (0281) 681570 (fax: (0281) 681571). A 3 stars hotel located in Baturaden, foot of Mount Slamet.
  • Queen Garden Hotel Baturaden, Jl. Pariwisata Baturaden, ☎ (0281) 681388 (fax: (0281) 681688). One of the most famous 3 stars hotel in Baturaden. Offers the cool air of Baturaden and spectacular views of the city of Purwokerto and surrounding areas. Economy IDR 250,000, Suite IDR 1,395,000.
  • Puri Wisata Hotel, Jl. Raya Baturaden, ☎ (0281) 681331. Nice hotel in Baturaden, just a walk distance to plenty of tourist attractions.
  • Prima Resort Baturaden, Jalan Pariwisata Baturaden, ☎ (0281) 681977 (fax: (0281) 681977). A famous hotel chain in town with traditional Javanese architecture
  • Pringsewu Restaurant Baturaden, Jalan Raya Baturaden (Located close to the Lokawisata Baturaden), ☎ (0281) 681567 (fax: (0281) 681754). One of the finest restaurant in towns. Wide varieties of dishes at high prices. Recommended for meetings, weddings, and parties.
  • Cinta Alam Resto, Jalan Raya Baturaden km. 8 (Located on the road between Purwokerto and Baturaden, next to Green Valley Hotel and Resort). One of the well-known splurge restaurants in the region. The New Year’s Eve Party is always held here annually, with nice fireworks.
  • Waroeng Ndeso, Jalan Raya Baturaden (Located on the road between Purwokerto and Baturaden). Unique authentic Javanese village-style restaurant
  • King Cafe, Karaoke, and Discotheque, Jalan Raya Baturaden, Puri Wisata Hotel. The best-known entertainment spot in town

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