CJTB in brief

In brief



About Central Java Tourism Board (CJTB)

Central Java Tourism Board (CJTB) is established on December 2015 with the full assignment until December 2019. In accordance with the National Law on Tourism of Republic of Indonesia (UU No. 11 Tahun 2009 Tentang Kepariwisataan), Central Java Tourism Board is formed by nine representation of Associations encompass four associations from Tourism, two associations from Profession, one association from Airline and two associations from Academician. The board of committee is legalized by the Governor of Central Java while the executive committee is selected and concluded by the board chairman to run the day to day operation of the association.

Central Java Tourism Board (CJTB) is committed to develop the Central Java Tourism by working closely with the entire stake holders to define the enormous business opportunities with the respective partners. It is vital that we provide appropriate information on our products and assurance to our business partners to offer a mutual beneficial partnership.

To develop Central Java as one of selected Tourist Destinations in Indonesia.


  1. Communicate the uniqueness of Central Java Tourism Products to the appropriate markets.
  2. Develop the partnership with both tourism associations and travel industry to promote the Central Java Destination.
  3. Actively participating the travel events both national and International.
    Coordinate the promotion campaign with the entire stake holders and establish the required promotion materials.
  4. Working closely with the Central Java Government for any support needed in developing the tourism sector.


  1. Increase the number of tourist arrival both domestic and foreign guests to Central Java by offering authentic Javanese experiences.
  2. Create a great brand image of Central Java Tourism and promote it out to the markets.
  3. Committed to be a most reliable partner to both Government and Tourism Stake Holders in carrying out the duties with the professional manner.
  4. Accommodate the requirements from the entire partners for the development of Central Java Tourism and facilitate the tourist information centre.
  5. Working closely with the entire tourism stake holders to develop enormous relations within the region and abroad.
  6. Posed as an initiator in creating events to promote the Central Java Tourism to both national and International.

The Board of Directors:
Chairman : Sugeng Sugiantoro
Vice Chairman : Joko Suratno
Secretary : Ari Martanto
Members : Bambang Ari Wijarnoko, Aris Widianto, Wahyudi, Bambang Irawan, Mengku Marhendi, Joko Azuardi.